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Not everybody can manufacture wood pulp board. Very few companies in the world are capable of producing this raw material, which is superior to chipboard in so many respects. The KATZ Group is one of them. Our know-how in the field of wood pulp board stems from the fact that it has represented our company’s core expertise for more than100 years. For a long time we used our wood pulp board almost exclusively to make beer mats, and of course we still make them. Because we love beverage coasters. Because consumers love advertising coasters. And because we want to remain what we have been for decades: the market leader for beer mats in the USA, Europe and many of the other 45 countries in which our beer mats can be found.

We are well aware that this means we are operating in a niche market. But so what? 
We always operate in our customers’ interests, so for them a niche product could be what they have been looking for all along, and it may even turn out to be the best solution of all.

Wood pulp board is wood pulp board. But wood pulp board from KATZ always means a product plus service. The modern print shop integrated into our production plant allows us to use our wood pulp board for many purposes other than making traditional coasters, which can in any case do far more than just sit underneath the glass. The KATZ Group is also your partner for the production of POS materials, we give form to your creative ideas. We produce your impact noise insulation, food packaging and much more. All of our products truly earn the label ‘sustainable’.

Just look through these pages to see for yourself what we can do:
Wood pulp board can be so much more...