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KATZ Ecology


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In the twenty-first century, eco-social responsibility has become a key element of corporate policy. Particularly as a business, one can undoubtedly live much longer in harmony with nature, the environment and society. Over 300 years ago when KATZ was founded, the surrounding forests and rivers provided the vital raw materials for our founder, Johann Georg Katz. People’s skills with company, their loyalty, creativeness and hard work, plus the power supplied by water turbines have always been the indispensible factors in transforming spruce trees, into much more than just railroad ties and telegraph poles. Respecting natural resources and handling them with care has been vital to our company’s survival since the beginning, and is a responsibility we still take very seriously.

OTHERS CALL IT ‘going green’ – WE HAVE been there for a long time: FOR US, IT IS SIMPLY SECOND NATURE

Right from the start KATZ has used wood as more than just a raw material. We have always used timber from reforestation programmes. Sustaining the continued use of this environmentally friendly material and keeping the transit ways short. 

Although the Murg River has always been a natural barrier on KATZ’s physical expansion. We do not resent this. We know that when it comes to growth, quality will get you further than quantity. The Murg is not harmed by our production of wood pulp board. Because of our closed water-circulation system no production waste lands in the murg. Twice a year The KATZ Group experts direct waste water from this system directly into the local sewage plant, which has no problem treating ist.

we are keenly aware that our sector is one of the most energy-intensive

We continually strive to compensate this through the development of efficient and sustainable production precesses.

Here are the facts:

  • KATZ wood pulp board is 100 % compostable, 100 % recyclable, food safe and bleach-free
  • We use renewable raw materials coupled with a sustainable forestry programme
  • No production waste thanks to the internal closed-loop recycling system (KATZ cardboard becomes KATZ cardboard)
    • No waste water pollution thanks to the closed water-treatment system
    • Installation of a new heat-recovery system in 2010
    • Complete added value at the Weisenbach centre, providing a boost for the regional economy and safeguarding jobs.