Company KATZ

You could argue that we only make one thing: a material based on wood pulp

But we do that one thing outstandingly well! We offer premium quality, maximum sustainability and all the added value that people expect from German-made products.


KATZ Display Boards

The perfect print product for top-quality signage, tent cards and other display solutions.


KATZ Beverage Coaster & Creative Ideas

Are you looking for a subtle and tactile form to give your ad campaign just the right feel? Beer mats, games, etc. offer a refreshingly different approach to communicating brand messages.


The origins of KATZ

From the first sawmill to the first coaster and the invention of the coaster printing and punching machine up to the present day of the Koehler Group.


KATZ Sound Reduction Boards –  only the very best under your feet

The eco-friendly insulation boards from KATZ convince due to concentrating on the most important aspects: building biology and functionality.


KATZ Industrial Solutions

KATZ special materials have won acclaim for their eco-friendliness, low weight, excellent suitability for further processing and wide range of applications.


Sustainability Strategy

Other companies may talk about “going green” – but we went green a long time ago!

Made in Germany

The perfect combination of tradition and progress

The “Made in Germany” label is only part of what makes KATZ products so special – they also enjoy the prestige of being made in the Black Forest.