15. December 2021

A new record: KATZ produces 10.2 million coasters in a single day

After a slump due to the coronavirus pandemic, demand for coasters climbs back
More than 10 million coasters produced for the first time ever on November 3, 2021
Humans and machines work together perfectly to bring the new record about

Weisenbach, Germany, 12/06/2021 – Not a single company in the Koehler Group was hit as heavily by the consequences of the pandemic – including those stemming from social distancing and hygiene rules and intermittent restaurant, catering, and bar closures – as KATZ. Without festivals and large events, breweries saw their sales collapse dramatically. The hotel and restaurant industries were left with no other choice but to face an existential crisis. Demand for coasters dropped precipitously worldwide. And it goes without saying that this was not without consequences for the KATZ location in Weisenbach, Germany. For the first time ever since it was put into operation for the first time in 1960, the location’s cardboard machine stopped running 24/7 and was instead limited to running five days a week only.

KATZ Produktion Stanze Verpackung

Production in Weisenbach, Germany, used to full capacity
Fortunately, these problems are now a thing of the past. By the summer of this year, some breathing room emerged and Covid stopped being the overriding factor in everyone’s decisions, making the demand for coasters climb back up. This, in turn, has enabled KATZ to fully optimize the workload for its cardboard machine and coaster production operations once again.

Record output: Punching and packing machines making as many coasters as never before
Thanks to the extraordinary commitment and dedication displayed by KATZ employees in Weisenbach and employees at affiliated company Marienthaler in Schleiden, it was possible to increase coaster production from a previous 45 million units per month to 146 million units in October 2021.
The highest daily output was achieved on November 3, 2021 with 10.2 million coasters. This blew the previous daily record (9.1 million) from the end of October of this year out of the water and broke the 10 million mark for the first time ever in the company’s history. “That’s a remarkable accomplishment that can be traced back to various optimizations on the machine. They made it possible to achieve a perfectly smooth throughput so that employees were able to take full advantage of the maximum available machine speeds,” says KATZ Printing Manager Timo Heckmann. “That really highlights how our products are future-proof, as well as our team’s extraordinary performance.“