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You could argue that we only make one thing: a material based on wood pulp

But we do that one thing outstandingly well! We offer premium quality, maximum sustainability and all the added value that people expect from German-made products.


Wood pulp is a versatile material, and everything ultimately comes down to how you use it. It has been the material of choice for beer mats for the last 100 years.

Our special material based on wood pulp has so much to offer! Simply modify the production process and the same material can be used to create KATZ Food Safety Board for the food industry, KATZ Airfreshener Board for air fresheners, bookbinding materials, and pressure equalisation materials.

Our product development team has also come up with genuine alternatives to the raw materials used in the POS and impact sound markets in the form of our KATZ Display Board and KATZ Sound Reduction Board products.


From the moment our company was founded, it has focused on one clear priority which many other companies have only recently begun to discover: Sustainability. This term originally stems from forestry management. We have been closely associated with forestry issues since the year 1716, so the idea of making responsible use of resources and respecting nature, people and the environment is far from being just a marketing gimmick in our case. Sustainability is a core principle that is deeply rooted in our company – and it’s an integral part of our corporate culture.


Name: KATZ GmbH & Co. KG
Headquartered in: Weisenbach, Germany
Founded in: 1716
Managing Directors: Kai Furler, Frank Lendowski, Jürgen Schulz
Number of employees: approx. 260 worldwide, 170 of whom are based at the headquarters in Weisenbach

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