These frequently asked questions address some of the key issues relating to our products. If you can’t find the information you need here, simply get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.
Made in Germany?

The “Made in Germany” label is only part of why KATZ products are so special – they also enjoy the undeniable prestige of being made in the Black Forest.
The Weisenbach, Germany-based KATZ has been producing a wood pulp-based material for over 100 years – a raw material that consists of nothing more than wood and water. Both these resources are available on the company’s doorstep. The wood comes from sustainably managed forests, while the water comes straight from the River Murg, which runs right past the company’s gates.
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What types of wood do you use?
To produce our wood pulp board we use fresh spruce wood from forests located within a 200 kilometre radius of our company.
We believe in maintaining our local forest resources. That’s why we ensure that all the trees we use are felled as part of an environmentally friendly, sustainable forest management program. What that means in practice is that more trees are planted than are cut down.
How about the absorbency of the material you produce?
KATZ special materials can absorb up to 300 percent of their own weight in moisture, so you can be sure that anything liquid will be absorbed fast!
Is it possible to use special colours when printing beer mats?
Our printing equipment supports both CMYK and special colours. It is important to ensure, however, that special colours are clearly defined (Pantone uncoated, HKS N). Please remember that our material is unpainted. It will therefore behave differently to painted materials during processing.
How about letterpress printing?
If you are looking for an extra-special mix of tradition, style and flair, then our traditional letterpress printing service for beer mats is an excellent choice.
We can offer you single or double-sided 4/4 colour letterpress beer mats and even produce them in-house.
What are the minimum batch sizes for special formats and special finishes for your beer mat/creative ideas products?
The minimum batch size for our beer mat/creative ideas products is currently approx. 50.000 units, depending on the chosen format.
What is the minimum order quantity for KATZ industrial solutions?
The minimum order quantity is currently approx. 5 tons depending on the type and format.
What are the standard formats for beer mats?
Our standard formats are 107 mm round and 93 x 93 mm square.
We also offer a wide choice of special shapes and formats.
We would be delighted to talk to you about our range of punching die formats. Please get in touch to find out what options are available.
Do you offer a collective offset print service for beer mats in the standard formats of 107 mm round and 93 x 93 mm square?
We offer a collective print service (i.e. a shared print job combined with orders from other customers) for both formats for runs of between 5.000 and 100.000 units.
This collective print service includes single or double-sided offset 4/4 printing, our 1.4 mm-thick HW wood pulp board material, and 125 units packed in each sleeve (each foil pack contains 10 sleeves).