17/06/2020 01.00 am


Sustainable film and TV productions now have a new address with The KATZ Group in Weisenbach, Germany. The traditional manufacturer of groundwood pulp board, who started his career more than 100 years ago with beer coasters in the middle of the Black Forest, supplies the ideal material for scenery construction in film, TV and theatre with its display boards.
While at the Berlin Film Festival Carl Bergengruen, managing director of the “Arbeitskreis Green Shooting” (Green Shooting Working Group), was exasperated about the fact that “huge sets are still being built from Styrofoam”, Josua Tobias Krüger and Sabrina Kreutz had already acted last year. Together with The Katz Group, the two stu-dents from the University of Applied Sciences Offenburg won one of their most important sponsors for their chamber play “Virus Mensch”, which was to be produced as sustainably as possible.
KATZ groundwood pulp board is produced in the middle of the Black Forest and the thinning wood for production is sourced within a maximum radius of 200 km from the company. A closed-loop recycling system, a sophisticated heat recovery system and a closed water cycle show that the subsidiary of the Koehler Paper Group from Oberkirch has not only an idea of, but a strategy for sustainability. And this strategy is now being continued in the Green Film.

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