KATZ / Key benefits of our products

Benefits of our wood pulp-based special materials

Our products are very simple and yet tremendously sophisticated at the same time. That’s what you get when you combine straightforward raw materials – wood and starch – with generations of know-how in a carefully tailored production process. Here are some of the key benefits offered by our products.

Made from natural materials

Even a strawberry yoghurt is more complex than our products: yoghurt, strawberry purée, sugar, colourings and flavourings, different forms of lactic acid….so many ingredients for something we gobble up so quickly! KATZ special materials seem impressively simple in comparison: wood and starch mixed with water, and that’s it!

Biodegradable & recyclable

Thank you saprotrophs! It’s high time we gave some recognition to the forces behind biodegradation. Saprotrophs are organisms that live in dead, decomposing matter. And sometimes in decomposing KATZ products, too – because our basic material, wood pulp board, is biodegradable. And there’s no need to worry if you have a laminated type of KATZ product in the form of KATZ Display Boards – these are recyclable, too and can be sold to waste paper dealers to create extra income.

Zero health risk

Artificial additives can be wonderful things, especially when they are used to enhance food products. But let’s not get carried away. Artificial additives have no place in products made by KATZ. Wood + starch = KATZ! It’s difficult to imagine any other product with such impressive non-polluting, zero-emission credentials. Quite simply, KATZ products pose zero health risks.


Producing special materials from wood pulp is harder than you might think – but the result is lighter than you might imagine. Quality is always a weighty issue. Or is it? The special materials produced by KATZ are high-quality and yet impressively lightweight – in fact they are 40 percent lighter than greyboard.

Good printing properties

Are you seeing red? Feeling a passionate surge of emotion bubbling up inside you? Or are you feeling quite the opposite today, fresh and lively as if you had just taken a relaxing walk in green surroundings? Whether red, green, or indeed yellow or blue, it’s easy to see that we often perceive, think and feel things in terms of colours. Colours have an effect on our emotional lives by evoking certain associations. So let’s work together to add a dash more colour to the world of advertising!

High volume

‘Big hair’ is a fashion that tends to rear its head every few years or so. The idea is to give the hair we have more volume to make it look, well, bigger! The Internet is full of tips and tricks to help eager fashionistas achieve that goal. We’re pleased to say that we don’t need to put in any of that effort, because KATZ products are perfectly ample and voluminous by nature. Yet despite their impressive volume they boast optimum flatness and very good stability. And none of this weighs them down – in fact KATZ products are a good 40 percent lighter than greyboard, for example.


Think of the biggest beast you can and you’ll probably end up thinking of an elephant. Now, its long trunk may seem like the equivalent of our nose, but as well as using their trunks to smell things, elephants also use them to pick up water. In fact, elephants can suck up to 10 litres of water into their trunk. However impressive that sounds, KATZ special materials still have the edge. Why? Because they can absorb up to 300 percent of their own weight. That’s right, 300 percent – we give you our word!


One of the pleasures of eating is that each type of food has its own taste and texture. Sometimes we like things just as they are. Our KATZ Food Safety Boards know when to leave things well alone. It isn’t interested in adding any harmful effects, tastes or smells, just in keeping things as tasty as they are in their original state.

Easy to laminate

Many people associate the idea of laminate with poor quality products. Peel away the top layers, and how do you know what kind of cheap material might be lurking inside? Fortunately KATZ products have no need for any kind of concealment. They are proud to show off their naturally positive characteristics, but they also work brilliantly as laminated products in combination with paper or foil. If you’re looking for a ready-made laminated solution, then KATZ Display Boards are a great choice, offering the perfect print medium for top-quality signage, tent cards and other display solutions.

Good fragrance retention

“What a terrible smell!” According to a recent study, human beings can distinguish between a billion different odours and retain thousands of them in their memory at any one time. Unfortunately not everything in life smells of fruit and roses. For those unfortunate situations when something really doesn’t smell good, KATZ Airfreshener Boards are the perfect fragrance-retaining material to help drive away bad odours and freshen things up!

Outstanding sound reduction

Sometimes all the tip-tapping around might make you wonder if anybody wears soft-soled shoes any more.
Fortunately KATZ has created its KATZ Sound Reduction Boards.
Thanks to their special surface structures, they cling to the top layer of flooring like a gecko, achieving outstanding acoustic properties that lead to reductions in both impact and room sound.