Newsletter #1 | A Peek Behind the Scenes: How to Make a Beverage Coaster

Station 1: The Lumberyard

In our series of articles entitled “How to Make a Beverage Coaster” we will be answering the question: how are beverage coasters actually made? The first station is the lumberyard, where the precious raw materials we use in our products are stored.

Wood Pulp Board Made from Thinnings: Sustainable and Top Quality

We only use wood from certified sources within a maximum radius of 250 kilometers of our production site to make our wood pulp board beverage coasters . The wood used is small-diameter wood (primarily spruce), also known as thinnings.
Thinnings refers to wood that is obtained through selective felling of trees in an area of forest for the purpose of promoting the health and growth of the remaining trees. This method ensures the long-term preservation of the forest, as the trees that are removed are replaced by new saplings. The objective is to give the remaining trees more access to space, light, and nutrients. This results in better quality and more valuable timber growth.

Win-Win Situation for the Environment and Business

The use of thinnings to make wood pulp board is particularly environmentally friendly as it helps maintain the ecological balance of the forest whilst also providing high-quality material for paper production.

While We’re On the Subject: Myths and Facts about Paper

Is the amount of woodland in Europe shrinking? Sixty-four percent of European consumers think so. The real answer? No! Woodland in Europe is growing by an area the size of 1500 soccer pitches every day. (Source: United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), 2015 Global Forest Resources Assessment)