Newsletter #1 | Did you know…?

Beverage coasters with QR Code

Scan, discover, enjoy: Beverage coasters with a QR code can turn a brand into an interactive experience. They bring the online and offline worlds together by allowing consumers to directly access exclusive content by scanning a QR code on the beverage coaster.
Numerous Possibilities with a Link to the Digital World

From digital food and drinks menus to information about the company or competitions, the possibilities are endless. Beverage coasters allow consumers to interact with the brand and by extension the company. They can quickly access information and even leave feedback, all they have to do is scan.

You can design the content the QR code links to according to your needs. Share your stories and introduce seasonal specialties or special deals. Beverage coasters with a QR code also allow you to get to know your consumers, to place advertising in a more targeted manner, and thereby increase sales and customer retention.