Newsletter #2 | Sustainability

Sustainable all around: Our beverage coasters are a recyclable product

Here at KATZ, we don’t limit ourselves to linear thinking. And that should come as no surprise, as we’re part of a circular value chain that goes from raw materials, to production processes, to the finished product and beyond. To put it another way, our coasters are the epitome of recyclability.

Made of valuable natural raw materials

We use renewable raw materials to make our coasters: wood from certified forestry and controlled sources from our region, as well as a percentage of recycled fibers. These fibers come from a variety of sources, including trimmings from punching that we can use in our production process. The resulting wood pulp board is the basis for a remarkably natural product that is also biodegradable. Also worth mentioning: Each coaster captures more biogenic CO2 than the amount of fossil CO2 released by its production.

Our production process is environmentally friendly

Wood from sustainable forestry and water from the Murg river are just the beginning. Even though our production operations take place right next to the river, we have a closed-loop water system, meaning that we need very little water and that the heat in the water we use remains inside the loop.

We generate more than 60 percent of the electrical energy we need to produce wood pulp using our own hydropower.

Paper recycling: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven

KATZ coasters can be used more than just one time. And once they’re no longer suitable for guests, they can be used under uneven legs to fix wobbly tables or, less mundanely, serve as a valuable raw material for paper recycling. Then, once fed back into the recycling circuit, the coaster material can be recycled as many times as necessary, perhaps into premium folded cardboard boxes or corrugated cardboard. In other words, our coasters play an important role in making sure that paper recycling works like it should!