Newsletter #2 | Did you know…?

Beverage coasters are more than 100 times as effective as traditional advertising media

A coaster may come across merely as a convenient product at first, but the truth is that it’s the perfect marketing tool for combining placement and messages in a cozy atmosphere. In fact, this type of atmosphere, combined with the fact that they’re constantly within sight, makes beverage coasters the  most effective advertising tool out there.

It’s no secret that the muted lights at bars makes them cozy and inviting, and that they lend themselves to a pleasant mix between the voices of guests and the clinking of glasses. And there, in the corner, you might just catch a group of friends hanging out together at one of the wooden tables, looking forward to a relaxed evening. The waiter brings a round of beers, and the friends drink a hearty toast to each other .

Add or subtract a few details and you get the typical scenario for the point of consumption relevant to our topic and THE place where coasters are used. Whether it’s at a bar, a pub, a restaurant, or a beer garden – wherever it is that customers go to have a drink, coasters are crucial to brand awareness and an indispensable part of a brand experience. They’re the perfect way to appeal to potential customers during their free time, and the result is customer contacts that consistently exceed average expectations .

In most cases, a coaster will remain on the table the whole time that a guest is there. In other words, the duration of the marking interaction generated by a coaster far surpasses that of conventional advertising materials.

Throughout the evening, guests tend to use coasters not only as mats for their drinks, but also as opportunities to get conversations started or as a source of humorous distractions. This makes coasters an entertaining item with both playful and tactile elements, and the positive association between the marketing messages on them and personal experiences means that these messages are consistently more effective and personal.