Newsletter #3 | Did you know…?

Beverage coasters can boost sales by almost 35%

A coaster may come across merely as a convenient product at first, but the truth is that it’s the perfect marketing tool for combining placement and messages in a cozy atmosphere. An independent study recently revealed that advertising on beverage coasters increases sales for players in the hospitality industry.*

There, in the corner of your local beer garden, you might just catch a group of friends hanging out together at one of the tables, looking forward to a relaxed evening. The waiter brings a round of beers, and the friends drink a hearty toast to each other. The table has beverage coasters on it, and they don’t just keep the surface clean, but also promote a specific beverage, dish, or snack.

Add or subtract a few details and you get the typical scenario for the point of consumption relevant to our topic and THE place where beverage coasters are used. And by using them to advertise drinks or dishes, places can encourage customers to try out something new, whether that be at a bar, a pub, a restaurant, or a beer garden. To put it simply, there’s nothing aside from glassware that is as constantly close to guests as beverage coasters are, and this makes them the perfect advertising medium in what is an ideal situation: Guests will usually be relaxed, enjoying their free time, and almost always sure to spend quite a bit of time in the same place.

*Source: KATZ Americas; „During independent studies, coasters have increased the sales of advertised items by as high as 34.9% when compared month over month”