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Probably the most ecological solution against oil and gasoline spills.

The KATZ Liquid Binder Boards: sustainable sorbents for clean coasts and waters.

With the help of our sustainably produced Liquid Binder Boards, oil and gasoline spills can be effectively combated. They are particularly suitable for marine disasters and are easy to store, handle and dispose of. They are 100% environmentally friendly and make a valuable contribution to environmental protection.

How coasters help against an oil spill


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● Material: spruce wood
● 80 x 80 mm
● suitable for light and heavy weight oil, crude oil & diesel
● 80% purification capacity
● 1 kilo binds 1.87 liters of oil
● Stays afloat at least 21 days
● Does not leave any pollutants in the water

Easy to use. Easy disposal.


Deploy sorbents on contaminant surface.


KATZ liquid binder boards absorb the pollutant.


Recover Liquid Binder Boards e.g. with a landing net.


Dispose of fully saturated binder. Can be thermally recycled.



  • Space-saving storage
  • Application independent of weather conditions
  • High casting distance during application
  • No loss of material on the shore
  • Floating material remains unaffected
  • Material is easily visible in the water
  • Easy recovery (net, landing net, vacuum suction)
  • No material residues remain in the water

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